Question and Answer Sessions

  • Low Carb Sydney Q & A – Artificial Sweeteners

    Unlike sugars, sweeteners generally do not contain any calories. Their use in beverages has been promoted as a means of reducing sugar consumption, providing a sweet taste without the energy of sugar to help promote weight loss. Sweeteners, or sugar substitutes, can be divided into three groups: sugar alcohols (erythritol, xylitol) artificial sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose)…

  • FILEX Q & A

    Dr Doron Sher and Dr Paul Mason answer questions during FILEX 2017

  • Low Carb Sydney Q & A – Salt

    Removing processed foods from your diet lowers your salt intake considerably. Our bodies need salt to function properly. If you do not have other sources of salt in your diet you should probably be adding 2 to 3  teaspoons of salt to your food each day.